Why Solar?

The photovoltaic industry has been booming over the last few years, and most people know what solar photovoltaics are, as they can be seen on rooftops throughout the state. Also known as PV, photovoltaics is a form of solar energy. As the price of electricity rises, more and more of people are considering PV systems for their homes.

Although the up-front costs may be high, there are many benefits that make PV a wise overall investment. The benefits include lower monthly electric bill, tax credits, it preserves the natural environment and improves air quality and most of all, it is a great long term investment. After the system pays for itself, a homeowner can enjoy 17-19 years of virtually maintenance-free electric production. A PV system also increases the value of a home. It increases equity and it’s a hot seller, according to some Realtors.